2018 Michigan Beekeepers Award

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Charlotte Hubbard

Since unexpectedly becoming a beekeeper in 2008, Charlotte has fallen head-over-hive with this intelligent insect. She loves sharing her beekeeping experiences and how they’ve shaped her life through humorous and insightful presentations and articles. A popular Midwest speaker, organizations repeatedly turn to her for her ability to encourage and connect with beekeepers, especially “new-bees.”



Anaphylaxis Insights

I teach beekeeping at a local college. Recently, one of my students, an experienced beekeeper, was stung three times while working one of those hives. She’s been stung before; she did not mention feeling any cause for alarm. As we were finishing up anyway, she said she was returning to the classroom…..Read More

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Bees Knees Book

With the goal of getting bee-positive information in the hands of children, this delightful book is available in a softcover edition at no or low-cost in limited quantities. A hardcover edition is also available; sales support softcover book distribution.