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Honey Bear in Mind: Pre-Spring Activities

I spoke at the Michigan Beekeeper’s Association meeting last weekend, and things were buzzing.  I believe there was a record number of beekeepers and wannabees, and we’re all enthused and excited for spring.

These balmy mid-March temperatures have lured us into thinking any colonies alive now will make it, and hopefully they will.  This dinosaur however recalls significant, sticking-around snowfall in April, and stunningly cold temperatures as well.  It might not yet be over folks …

This blog updates what we should be thinking about now for our live bees, as well as what we should be doing about any dead-outs (common term for colonies that died.)  As always, this is just my opinion and experience.  Others will undoubtedly disagree, and agree.

For the living colonies:

  1. Kiss them all!! (OK, maybe not physically, but emotionally?)  They survived a heckuva winter and should be congratulated!

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