Dronings, Coming Soon


I’ve often said “the bees are laughing at me, I might as well join them.” I’ve chronicled the events that lead to their laughter in both my book, Dronings from a Queen Bee:  The First Five Years, and a column I’ve written since beginning beekeeping.  In due time I’ll be posting those writings here.

The other blog available from this site, “Honey, Bear in Mind…” covers what to do in the apiary depending upon the time of year, for a climate similar to SW Michigan.

Thanks for your interest.

Charlotte Hubbard

2 thoughts on “Dronings, Coming Soon

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your book and your presentation at this past weekend’s Wedel’s Garden Spring Event. I would recommend you as a guest speaker to all the garden clubs in the area. You are one brave soul and an inspiration to those of us who have lost a loved one to the dreaded cancer. May your days bee filled with the wonder that bees, friends, and loving family can bring. Looking forward to your next book.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Tuesday at the Parchment library. Your book is delightful and I am thrilled that you are willing to mentor me with a “new fangled” piece of equipment the “Flow Hive”. It won’t arrive until Dec.. Until then I will attend Kazoo Bee Club meetings and field days and bee school in Feb.. I know all the lessons will not apply, but it is knowledge. Looking forward to my new adventure.

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