2015-09-12 11.37.25Successful overwintering colonies is southern Michigan is challenging. Here’s what we do.  Read More

NOTE: Since publishing the document linked above, I’ve updated it, and it is a good follow-up to the document on optimal bee health for wintering. Please check out both of those here.


Combining Hives
In Charlotte’s mid-September blog posting, she discussed the possibility of combining hives for the winter. Read More.


sweetdreamsSweet Dreams Ladies
In her debut article for Bee Culture, Charlotte covers overwintering considerations for colonies, and mistakes she’s made.Subscriptions to the leading journal available at beeculture.com.
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pantsPants are Overrated
Bee fever sometimes means that in your haste to capture a swarm that you may forget critical items, like pants.
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mydroneMy Drone
Charlotte may be a queen bee, but she’s got a drone who isn’t getting kicked out come fall.
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becarefulBe Careful What You Wish For
All beekeepers wish for swarms, but those swarms must come from somewhere, like from other beekeepers, or oops–from your own apiary!
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QueenQueen Bee to Bee
We need all the beekeepers (and bees) we can get. Charlotte shares a humorous account of how she’s unexpectedly found a future queen beekeeper.
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bonnetA Bee in My Bonnet
Unfortunately, sometimes the expression ‘a bee in my bonnet’ is for real!
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angelsAngels with Real Wings
In a painfully open summary, Charlotte shares background on the challenging journey that turned her into a beekeeper.
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smokerSmoker Challenged
Like most new-bees, Charlotte struggled with keeping the smoker lit. She believes however that she’s found a better option…
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