About presenting …

You are an excellent teacher, and we appreciate the lessons you taught us. D Neely, Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel
Charlotte, you were amazing!!!   I truly enjoyed both presentations and learned so much.
Thanks again for your passion and presentation. J Clark, Program Coordinator, KVCC

Thank you so much for a wonderful and entertaining presentation. You make learning fun. Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers

[You] were incredibly helpful! Your talk was so organized, well-thought-out and first-class. My husband and I learned a great deal and loved your teaching style. R Correa

What a great message you had! Keep on doing what you are doing, you might save beekeeping. Jon Helmuth, Helmuth Bee Farms

Thank you for a wonderful workshop last night.  You did a great job!  Every survey I read offered you the highest marks!  Some of our attendees even wrote great comments like “Awesome presentation! Thank you, Charlotte!”, “Absolutely perfect!”, “All very high quality, instructor very high caliber!”, and “Wonderful speaker.” Crosshatch Coordinator

A very organized and professional presentation. It is obvious that Charlotte is very versed in her subject and used to giving presentations. She did a great job, one of the best I have seen so far. OLLI Course Evaluation

Who knew bees were so interesting? Charlotte knows so much about bees she is a very good speaker. She is easy to hear and understand. OLLI Course Evalution

Charlotte, you were simply AWESOME! Your informative and personalized presentation is simply worthy of periodic repeat performances – and our success as beekeepers probably depends on it! Jamie C-K

I really enjoyed your presentation at the Kellogg Center … we learned/heard more from your hour fun presentation than in a lot of the time/years we have been seeking information. I will bee following.  Michelle MT

Today was the second time I have heard you speak. I live on the other side of state and I am so sad that I do not live closer to you. I would be a follower of yours. Your presentation and information is so well done. Just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated! Carole C.

One of the most engaging speakers we’ve heard in a LONG time!  Thanks for sharing.  Wayne C.

You were beyond delightful, beyond charming, beyond interesting and informative. We were all pleased and intrigued.  You’re an exceptional speaker/sharer/passionista!  Leilani R.

I enjoyed your presentation.  As usual, you did a superb job!  It was a fun program but taught a lot.  You make beekeeping funny!  Pat G.

Thank you so much.  I heard many wonderful things from people about your presentation…  A bunch of people said they want you to come back again.. And someone else said she wished she could have heard your presentation when she was a kid to diminish her fears.   I appreciate you sharing your passion in so many delightful ways.  It’s good, important work.  Kirstin V.

We loved your program. Thank you so much for coming and sharing. Very interesting – lots of good comments. Glad you came!   Valeria F.

I learned a ton (at your preparing for winter class.)  John S.

About ‘Dronings from a Queen Bee’ …

I finished reading your book this morning and had to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed it!! My very good friend, Tonijo, loaned it to me. I have been fascinated with bees all my life. My dad taught me to love nature and have a healthy respect and not fear of bees of all kinds. I would love to bee a beekeeper some day, but living downtown limits my lawn space to cement sidewalks. My husband and I will be retiring in a couple years and I figure that would give me time to learn before diving into a beekeeper life. Your book gave me a lot of insight and thoughts on beekeeping that never crossed my mind!! I already love bees, I know they will disappoint me, some day…. but until I become a keeper of the bees, I may take some classes along the way and fall madly in love!! Thank you for writing your book, it’s a masterpiece!! L Nerad
I NEVER read books, and happened to pick up my wife’s copy.  Couldn’t put it down–read it all in one sitting.  When is the next one coming out?
Jordan G.
Did I ever tell you that your book was my beach holiday read this year. It was lovely. Light yet good content, and I laughed… out loud!  Anne Marie Fauvela
Just wanted to thank you for your book “Dronings from a Queen Bee”… What a great book and an easy read. Couldn’t put it down. Now I have to or else I might as well read it again. LOL
Bob H.
I REALLY appreciate your sense of fine humor in writing this!   So glad I found your web site and am reading your book.
Keep those bees flying and your words flying also.
God bless—
Courtney B.


About ‘If I Could Sit on a Bee’s Knees’ …

My kids LOVE this book. We especially love looking for the cat. Thanks for this long-overdue book that helps kids and adults understand bees!
Danielle T.
Six copies, please. ALL my grandkids need this book. Love it.
Steve T.